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For Sale

We usually have a small selection of pre-owned, fully serviced items for sale at The Electronic Center, including both vintage stereo equipment and newer gear.  All units have been restored/repaired as needed, and all come with a 60 day warranty.

Scroll down for a description of our current inventory.  If you see something of interest, Give us a call at (913)649-5000 or send us an email info@kcstereorepair.com .  We'll get back to you to answer your questions or arrange a demo in our showroom. Thanks for looking!

Sorry, but we are unable to demo our pre-owned items without an appointment.  Please call ahead (913)649-5000 before visiting the shop. 


Yamaha NS-1000

Yamaha NS-1000 Ebony for sale

1977-1983 8Ω @ 100 Watts

3 way speakers

Ebony cabinets

Bose 901 Series VI

Bose 901 series VI 6 for sale


(2) cabinets with equalizer box and (2) shipping boxes.  9 drivers each, fully refurbished.

Walnut finish.

Minimus 3.5

Realistic Minimus 3.5 for sale


Great Small speakers.

KLH Av-4000

KLH AV-4000 speakers for sale

3 way "160W RMS - 300 Max"

≈ 70W


CERWIN VEGA DX-5 speakers for sale

12" Woofer, 3-way


Woofers Refoamed, drivers and crossover checked.


CERWIN VEGA DX-9 speakers for sale

15" Woofer, 3-way


Woofers Refoamed, Grill cloth Replaced,

drivers and crossover checked.

McIntosh Tube Set


McIntosh tube amp MC240 for sale


McIntosh tube pre-amp C22 for sale


McIntosh tube FM tuner MR67 for sale

MC240 Amp

McIntosh tube amp MC240 for sale

Stereo/Twin/Mono tube amplifier

Stereo/Twin - 40 Watts @ 4, 8, or 16 Ω 

Mono - 80 Watts @ 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 Ω

C22 Pre-Amp

McIntosh tube pre-amp C22 for sale

Stereo tube pre-amplifier

MR67 FM Tuner

McIntosh tube FM tuner MR67 for sale

Stereo/Mono FM tube tuner


Marantz 2325

Marantz 2325 receiver for sale


125 Watts @ 8Ω (x2) All original    

Sansui G-8000

Sansui G-8000 receiver for sale


120 Watts @ 8Ω (x2) 

Low hour unit   

Sansui 3000A

Sansui Model 3000A receiver for sale


45 Watts @ 8Ω (x2) 4-32Ω

Realistic STA-2250

Realistic STA-2250 receiver for sale


50 Watts @ 8Ω, 4Ω minimum

High headroom to clipping.

Fisher 500-C

The Fisher 500-C Tube receiver for sale

1963-65 Tube Receiver 

30 Watts (x2) @ 4,8, or 16 Ω

Pioneer SX-1250

Pioneer SX-1250 receiver for sale

1976-78  Serviced Unit

160 Watts @ 8 Ω

Yamaha RX-V663

Surround Sound 7.1

95 Wpc  w/ Remote



Carver C-4000

Carver C-4000 pre-amp for sale


Integrated Amplifiers

Yamaha DSP-A3090 (7.1 w/ 5 channel amp)

DSP-A3090 Integrated Amplifier for sale


80 Watts @ 8Ω (x5!)

With remote and manual.


Sansui T-77

Sansui T-77 tuner for sale

Power Amplifiers

Crown Macro-Tech 5000VZ

Crown MACRO-TECH 5000VZ Power Amplifier for sale

1,030 Watts @ 8Ω (x2)

120Vac, 30 amps.


B&O Beogram RX

B&O Beogram Turntable for sale

Sansui P-L51

Sansui P-L51 Turntable for sale

Linear tracking Direct Drive

Thorens TD 165

Thorens TD165 Turntable for sale

Marantz TT4000

Marantz TT4000 Turntable for sale

Direct Drive, Quartz Lock.

VPI Cliffwood

VPI Cliffwood Turntable for sale

Grado Green cartridge

Dual 1019

Dual 1019 Turntable for sale

PE 3012

PE 3012 perpetuum-ebner Turntable for sale

Perpetuum-Ebner PE 3012 

Yamaha P-350

Yamaha P-350 Turntable for sale

CD units

Sony CDP-CX355

Sony CDP-CX355 300 CD for sale

300 disk CD carousel 

Reel to Reels

Pioneer RT-707

Pioneer RT-707 Reel to Reel for sale


With Metal Reel.

Cassette Units

JVC 8Track

W/ Record 

Console Units and Special Items

Zenith Console c937

Zenith c937 Chassis 29ct30  Vintage stereo Console for sale

With tape and adaptor rca jacks

CH# 29ct30

Montgomery Wards Airline Console

With tape in rca jacks

McIntosh MI-3 Scope

McIntosh MI-3 performance indicator audio scope oscilloscope for sale


Performance monitor for tuners

with wood case and owner manual

CV LW-12 12" Subwoofer

CV LW-12 powered subwoofer for sale

12" 150W 

Rebuilt Amp

U.S.Amps USA1000

U.S.Amps Automotive Amp for sale

 1Ω Stable automotive 

CMA 60

CMA60  mixer and 70V 70 volt Amplifier for sale

70 Volt mixer and amplifier

BiAmp 60W

System Components

JBL Lancer 77 Components

JBL Lancer 77 components speakers crossover for sale

8Ω @ 35 Watts

2x (LE10A, LE20-1, PR10, crossover/ control.)

JBL Jubel L65 Components

JBL Jubel L65 components speakers crossover for sale

1978   8Ω @ 75 Watts 3 way

2x (077 tweet, LE5-5 mid, 126a woof, crossover, control.)

OZ 15" subwoofer

OZ 15 inch subwoofer for sale

4Ω diecast frame