Welcome to Electronic Center, Vintage to New audio repair and equipment.

Audio repair, install, and design services.

The Electronic Center offers the following services:


  • Repair and restoration of stereo and home theater components.  See details below. 


  • Design and installation and of commercial sound systems for churches, schools, auditoriums and similar facilities. 


  • Design and installation of home theater systems, including media servers, sound processors, amplifiers, speakers and inside wiring. 


We can service and repair just about any type of audio equipment, with particular expertise in vintage stereo components - including both solid-state and tube gear.  From tune-ups to major overhauls, The Electronic Center is the Kansas City area's best Hi-Fi repair shop.

We do not work on car/automotive items. 


Repair and Restoration of Stereo and Home Theater Components

 Receivers, Amplifiers, Sound Processors 

There is a minimum service charge of $50-100, depending upon the complexity of the unit.  If the cost of the repair exceeds the minimum, we'll call for authorization before proceeding with the audio repair.  Service includes thorough operational examination, cleaning and deoxidization of control mechanisms (potentiometers, switches, pushbuttons, etc,) testing of all inputs, testing of output, and adjustment of bias voltage/idle current and dc offset (if applicable.)


Turntables and Other Components


We can service and repair just about any turntable, tape deck, CD/DVD player or other audio/video component.  Turntable repair is a specialty here at The Electronic Center - click here to learn more about servicing your turntable...including some do-it-yourself suggestions.


There is a minimum service charge for each component being repaired, which includes troubleshooting, diagnosis and basic adjustments.  We will always call for authorization if the cost of the work will exceed the initial service charge.



We offer a full range of speaker repair services, including replacement of driver surrounds, reconing, voice coil repair, crossover repair and driver replacement.  Prices vary, based on the work to be done and, for surround replacement, the size of the drivers.